Can everybody be a poet? Maybe not.. but why not try? Think of words that rhyme with the same sound at the end of the lines. Start with simple couplets. Use these pairs: fair-fare, hi-high, one-won, weigh-way, threw-through, waste-waist, tie-Thai, peace-piece, brake-break, blue-blew, deer-dear, pair-pear, rode-road, ate-eight, meet-meat, week-weak, hear-here, walk-woke.
Now write your own poem and sign it!

Through your eye
I see my sky
(Martina B. - 3^ B)

You said to me 'hi'
and I felt so high!
(Anna S. - 3^ B)

The sky is blue
and my love is true only for you
(Eva P. - 3^ B)

You are so dear
like a white deer
(Eva P. - 3^ B)

Don't wear this tie
if you want to be a real Thai
(Francesca P. - 3^ B)

The only thing I want to hear
is that you should be always here
(Fabio P. - 3^ B)

You have to take
the bus number eight
(Eva P. - 3^ B)

At the end of the week
I always feel so weak
(Maura M. - 3^ B)

I ate some meat
walking down the street
(Martina B. - 3^ B)

Mary had a little jam;
she spread it on a waffle.
And if she hadn’t eaten ten,
she wouldn’t feel so awful.
(Alessandra M. - 3^B)

You walk light over the grass
and the wind blows through your hair
the time goes by and pass
but I will always care

your eyes are navy blue
I want to kiss your lips
I want to stay with you
and clasp your fingertips
(Maura M. - 3^B)