In this section you will find some useful websites about literature: (a unique way to learn about the characters, themes, authors and literary devices of your favourite books - visually!) (free study guides) (Poetry for Children) (e-books and e-poems) (Children's story books online) (Study Guides - World Literature) (testi vari di letteratura) (prose fiction, short stories, drama) with tests (Free Literature Study Guides, with videos) (nice videos about literature) (free source for literary analysis on the web) (Unit Plans, Teacher's Guides, Study Guides, and much more for Middle School and High School English Teachers) (run by the British Council) (Study guides are offered for free by GradeSaver on novels, plays, poems and films. Each study guide includes essays, an in-depth chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quiz)
(a site that will supply you with 5 minutes of reading everyday for free. You just select a book and each day you will be emailed a 5 minute installment of the book.)
I'm a teacher of English (Language and Literature) to Italian teenage students in a Liceo Scientifico. These notes and materials are meant to help my pupils in their homework and in the preparation of their tests and exams. Feel free to use the things you'll find interesting or useful. Any feedback via comment or e-mail will be welcome. Write to (Collection of Free Classic Books) (free downloadble PDF Study Guides) (Collection of classic American and English literature. Downlodable documents in eReader or PDF)

library. thinkquest. org/17500/ data/cafe. html (Lit Café: discover literature in an intriguing and informative environment) (European Literature classics, read in Italian) (Free Audiobooks) (Short Stories) (contemporary writers) (everything about Shakespeare!) (all Shakespeare's Sonnets) (Archive of English Sonnets) (Listen to Sonnets) (Discover Shakespeare) (Listen to Shakespeare's works) (Stylistic Devices) (War Poetry) (how to write Haiku Poems) (American Novel) (MULTIMEDIA HISTORY MEMORIAL PROJECT)
tutto Shakespeare
elenco di tantissimi siti fatti da studenti per studenti sulla letteratura
English teachers, librarians, and their students: This one's for you! A well-executed, excellent site that provides basic biographies of some of the most influential writers of the western world, a guide to literary terms and devices (with examples), grammar, roots of words back to the Latin and Greek, English fundamentals, including spelling, and literary devices! This is an enormously helpful resource!
Actually the reading is being replaced by other medias, like watching T.V and having fun on the internet, people are not used to reading like before, so this is a way to arouse the interest in reading. Our aim for this website is to give information about Literature, in interactive way. Students around the world will clear their doubts using this page, they will know about Literature and their characteristics. Our page will contain information about Renacentist Literature, their authors and their works like poetry and novels. The visitorwill be able to interact with the page by reading and watching animations.
Waiting for Godot
Welcome to Virtual English's Main Menu. Virtual English is an educational web site dedicated to showcasing the arts and literature. This site was created by two Academic High School students. We have over ninety essays, written by high school students, available to our users.


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